Emergency Services
If your pet is poisoned or hit by a car, our team can help. we provide care to patients with illnesses, such as diabetes, kidney failure, and congestive heart failure.
 Dr. Bob Tillquist, will assess your pets condition upon arrival and provide immediate, life-saving treatment, if necessary. Our emergency care offers in-house laboratory testing, which allows Dr. Bob to make a diagnosis quickly.  Our  x-rays are available in minutes.  Our team is always available to discuss your pet's condition and to make sure your pet is provided with excellent follow-up care.
Dr. Bob Tillquist
Kim LaCelle
When your pet needs emergency care call ....
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if your pet:
  1. Vomits frequently for 12 hours or more
  2. Has diarrhea lasting 24 hours or longer
  3. Shows a loss of appetite for more than 48 hours, even without other symptoms
  4. Is lame for more than 72 hours
  5. Cannot stand
  6. Blinks frequently or holds one or both eyes closed (should be seen within twenty-four hours)

Call us immediately if your pet:
  1. Has difficulty breathing
  2. Loses consciousness
  3. Becomes paralysed
  4. Makes frequent and non-productive attempts to urinate
  5. Suffers severe head or face trauma
  6. Screams in pain
  7. Experiences a seizure lasting longer than two minutes
  8. Loses a significant quantity of blood
  9. Fractures a bone
  10. Shows significant abdominal distension, distress, agitation or attempts to vomit