Anesthesia in your
Dog & Cat
When your pet is scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure - do you worry about the risks of anesthesia? 
This is perfectly normal.  Since it is common for pets to not sit still or become terrified in the animal hospital, we use general anesthetics more frequently than a human physician would.
        Procedures such as x-ray, joint examinations, dental work and laproscope cannot be done safely on animals without sedation or anesthesia.
        Injectable anesthetics now each have their specific reversal agents and the gas anesthetics are quickly reversed by ventilation as your pet breaths them out of it's system.  These agents dramatically reduce the risk to your pet. 
        We never give more than just enough of an anesthetic to do the procedure skillfully.
        Lab tests are always done prior to anesthesia, if abnormalities are found, the problem can be sometimes corrected. The tests also insure us that your pet is healthy.